What Next?

We believe in taking aggressive measures when it comes to expanding our market reach.
In future, we aim to expand our range of products. It is the nature of style to keep changing forever. So, we aim to constantly add more innovative products. We are one of the fastest growing cashmere industries and we are always ready to work closely with our partners. We adopt the modern dyeing technology and we are forever experimenting with different shades. So, in upcoming days, we will continually add more exciting and fun colors in our cashmere products. We are dedicated to meeting our aim of founding the sustainable and profitable cashmere industry.
Research and Development are continually going on at sherpapashminaart where our research team does close market watch and draws an expert analysis. Based on that analysis, we will add more variation in the design of cashmere clothes in future.
Our business is continually increasing each year and we have earned many loyal clients. So, there has been an increase in sales of Cashmere by a significant percentage. In order to address the increase in local demand, we plan to open new outlets in near future. Latest trending cashmere clothes will be continually featured on our official website.