1What is Cashmere?
Cashmere is a precious hair collected from the underbelly and neck of Kashmiri goat. Read in detail from our Cashmere information section.
2Why should I choose Cashmere?
The crimp makes cashmere to interlock in a better way which is why cashmere products are super soft. Cashmere products are very much lightweight. Since Cashmere has proper way of adjusting according to humidity in air, cashmere can be worn in all season unlike woollen products.
3What are the benefits of cashmere over wool?
Cashmere is more durable, lighter and provides better insulation. Also, cashmere does not stretch and it does not wrinkle.
4How to do quick check for cashmere quality?
The easiest way to check cashmere quality is to touch the cashmere. When touched, you will get the smooth and pleasant sensation if it is Grade A Cashmere. The softness goes on reducing with less grade cashmere because the length gets shorter and diameter goes on increasing with low cashmere grade. You can also stretch the cashmere slowly and see if it returns back to the original shape. If it returns back to the original shape immediately even after pulling it for some time, it is of high quality. Always buy from the long-term supplier to avoid being cheat.
5What is the difference between and 2-ply and a 12-ply cashmere?
Although the quality of all Cashmere is same, the weight and thickness of Cashmere goes on increasing with the increase in number of ply. Cashmere item price increases with the increase in number of ply used to prepare the product.
6How is cashmere fiber graded?
There are three grades of Cashmere. Cashmere fiber with around 30 microns diameter is a Grade C Cashmere. Fiber with around 19 microns is Grade B Cashmere and fiber with around 14 microns diameter is Grade A Cashmere.
7Where can I buy genuine Cashmere sweater in Nepal?
Sherpa Pashmina Art is one of the largest Cashmere wholesaler in Nepal. We are selling 100% genuine Cashmere sweaters all over the world.
8How do I select the correct size for order?
You can select the correct size by referring to standard size chart.
9If I have any question not listed here?
Mail us at sherpapashmina123@gmail.com