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At Sherpapashminaart , you can order your cloth the way you want it so that it gets perfectly fit to your body even if your body size differs from the factory standard. You can provide us with your measurements and get unique and personalized dress. Choose your own design, cut and length and get the dress that fits you perfectly, that is stylish and that is comfortable to wear. Our custom tailored Cashmere never goes out of style.

Customize the style of your cloth according to your choice. Mix the colour combination, experiment with design and make alteration according to your choice. Everything from the customer service to the alterations is personal and tailored to you at sherpapashminaart. You can put on these personalized cloth whether you are going for a party or date or lunch. You can even put it on in wedding.
We are one of the largest custom made cashmere manufacturer in Nepal. We supply clothes that matches for all season whether spring or winter and that are perfect for a wedding, date, lunch, party and more.